General Prediction Gemini June 2024

GEMINI: Try not to have an octopus complex, you don’t get to everything, you don’t even have eight legs, and life doesn’t ask you either. Stop stressing about things that are not a priority.

Ask for help, and if they don’t give it to you or you don’t know who to ask for it, start by simplifying your tasks. Make a list and write down everything you have pending, you will see that it is not a big deal either.

The others are in a tone that you don’t quite like, let them is their problem. Uranus asks you for changes, and gives a strange air to everything. Accept it.

Your habits are good in terms of intentions, but you should put your batteries a bit in terms of food.

Recover the movies and books you liked, enjoy remembering scenes that have hooked you from the cinema, and you will be distracted.

As for sex, you are very distant, but nothing happens, these are times, if they look for you, you know that in the end they will find you.

Your family demands more attention than normal, you are irreplaceable. Although you would like a bit of space, they absorb it from you, that is coexistence.

Take care of your hearing system, it’s been a while since you checked it and you may need to tune it up.

Forecasts of the Month:

Best days: 12, 15, 25
Worst days of the month: 2, 3, 17
Weakness of the month: Work
Strength of the month: Courage
A surprise will come: The second week
Beware…The unforeseen
A balm for health…Close topics
This month practice: Silence
This month you should: Jump
You will be successful this month: Hobbies
Spend more time this month: Thanking
A hobby: reading
A purpose: Honesty


馃 Tips for Men Gemini this month:
You know what you have to do, and it seems that the universe is dedicated to hindering you, but don’t give up, these problems are simply making you improve and perfect your plan. Relationships will go well as long as you look at it from the prism of love and harmony. So be careful with any negative thought that sneaks in, don’t let it pass.

馃懅 Tips for Women Gemini this month:
For some reason you keep walking the tightrope in relationships and work. If you need adrenaline, do some risky sport, but don’t play with what has cost you so much love and patience. Put a little more reason and empathy to things and let the water run. Now is the time to value the good and put aside what does not contribute. Courage and head for everything.

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